Sheila Toy Stromberg

A collection of my size and shape inclusive designs!

Epic knits for the warrior in each of us.

Inspired by all things His Dark Materials! This is also a #sizeinclusive bundle.

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A handy little bundle of my free knit and crochet patterns!

This bundle features work that has interesting/non-traditional constructions. These aren’t your average patterns! If you’re stuck in a rut, these designs will jump start your mojo!

A collection of all my sweaters

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A book of gloves, mitts, hand warmers, and gauntlets inspired by the Hobbit! Literary knits are always so fun. Many of the patterns in this book are directly inspired by handwear from the Hobbit movies. If the character didn’t have distinct handwear, I channeled the character’s spirit as inspiration.

This book is currently a work in progress. Once I have completed all the patterns, I will make the entire compendium available for purchase together!

I wanted to design hand gear that would be truly unisex - something that men would actually wear and women would be happy to steal! Also every pattern is sized from very small (6.5” palm circumference) to very large (9.5” palm circumference) so no one is left out! One-size-fits-all is a total lie and we all know it!

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My crocheting patterns SUUUUNNNN