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It’s a name you might have heard from your mum or grandmother. But wherever you first heard our name, you’ll know that handknitters have passed their love of Sirdar yarns from generation to generation.

Established as Harrap Bros. (Sirdar Wools) Ltd. in West Yorkshire in 1880, we believe we’ve earned our place at the heart of the British knitting community, as well as our growing reputation around the world for yarn innovation and trend-led design.

We rigorously test every Sirdar yarn so you can rely on our quality. And we triple check every Sirdar pattern so you can be sure of a successful knit with the recommended Sirdar yarn.

That’s why the Sirdar logo has become a reliable mark of quality for hand knitting yarns and patterns.

Hand knitting is in our genes.

original designs  

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Sirdar #6287, DK
Sirdar #3202, Snuggly
Sleeveless Top
Sirdar 6988
Sirdar 1779
Sirdar 1779, Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK
Lace and Bobble Sweater 10197
#10197 Lace and Bobble Textured Sweater in Sirdar Country Classic DK
Lace Chevron Sweater
#10196 Lace Chevron Sweater in Sirdar Country Classic DK
Lace Textured Cardigan 10199
#10199 Lace Textured Cardigan in Sirdar Country Classic DK
Lace and Bobble Cardigan 10200
#10200 Lace and Bobble Cardigan in Sirdar Country Classic DK
V Neck Cardigan 10147
Women's Mock Cable V-Neck Cardigan in Haworth Tweed #10147
Roll Neck Poncho 10148
Women's Cable Roll Neck Poncho in Haworth Tweed #10148
Cable Cardigan 10150
Sirdar #10150 Round Neck Cable Cardigan in Sirdar Haworth Tweed
Sirdar 280, Sunshine Series
Pram Set: Coat
Sirdar 253, Sunshine Series
Boy's v neck cardigan
Sirdar 247, Sunshine Series
Pram Set: Cardigan
Sirdar 124, Sunshine Series
Model B Matinee Coat
Sirdar 113, Sunshine Series
Model A Matinee Coat
Sirdar 112, Sunshine Series
Model A. Cardigan
Sirdar 102, Sunshine Series
Model A. Jersey
Sirdar 97, Sunshine Series
Model A. Jumper
Sirdar 75, Sunshine Series
Model A. Boy's Pullover
Sirdar 73, Sunshine Series
Toddler's Suit: Jacket
Sirdar 67, Sunshine Series
Model B. Dog cardigan
Sirdar 8, Sunshine Series
Model A Rabbit Cardigan
Sirdar 873, Machine Knits: Majestic 3 ply, Talisman 3 ply or Gaiety Nylon 3 ply
Trangle Stitch Sweater 10198
#10198 Women's Triangle Stitch Sweater in Sirdar Country Classic DK
Hoodie 10179
#10179 Women's Hoodie in Sirdar Saltaire
Checked Sweater
#10178 Women's Checked Raglan Sweater in Sirdar Saltaire
Longline Cardigan 10180
#10180 Women's Longline Cardigan in Sirdar Saltaire
Relaxed Tunic 10172
#10172 Women's Sleeveless Relaxed Tunic in Sirdar Saltaire
Roll Neck Tunic 10182
#10182 Women's Roll Neck Tunic in Sirdar Saltaire
Funnel Neck Sweater 10176
#10176 Women's Funnel Neck Moss Stitch Sweater in Sirdar Saltaire
V Neck Detail Sweater 10173
#10173 Women's Striped Detail V-Neck Sweater in Sirdar Saltaire
Split Seam Sweater 10177
#10177 Women's Split Seam Sweater in Sirdar Saltaire
Moss Stitch Cardigan 10181
#10181 Women's V-Neck Moss Stitch Cardigan in Sirdar Saltaire
Hat 10183
#10183 Women's Hat & Scarf in Sirdar Saltaire
Scarf 10183
#10183 Women's Hat & Scarf in Sirdar Saltaire
Cable Sweater 10153
#10153 Women's All-Over Cable Drop-Sleeve Sweater in Sirdar Haworth Tweed
Cabled Coatigan 10152
#10152 Women's Longline Cabled Coatigan in Sirdar Haworth Tweed
Crossover V Neck Sweater 10151
#10151 Women's Crossover Detail V-Neck Sweater in Sirdar Haworth Tweed
Fairisle Cardigan 10156
#10156 Women's Yorkshire Fairisle Cardigan in Sirdar Haworth Tweed
Intarsia Argyll Sweater 10155
#10155 Women's Intarsia Argyll Sweater in Sirdar Haworth Tweed
Bobble and Cable Sweater 10146
Women's Crew Neck Cable Sweater in Haworth Tweed #10146
Striped Hoodie 2557
Sirdar Website
Colourblock Dress 2551
Sirdar Website
Superstar Sweater 2555
Sirdar Website
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