I have been interested in all things crafts from a very young age, but most did crochet and sewing projects.

Since I am left handed, I am mostly self-taught.

I started designing in my late teens prior to joining the military. I still have many of these older designs, including a quilt, which I am working on getting them digitized.

I spent 10 years in the U.S. Navy. During that time I learned how to to cross stitch, embroider, crewel, some plastic canvas work and latch hooked rugs. I often made stitch projects as gifts for friends and acquaintances while I was in the service.

After my military service I continued learning new crafts such as loom knitting, needle knitting and currently am learning needle tatting. I continued making custom stitch projects for friends and co-workers.

While I continued to do some custom designing on/off over the years, I have started designing full time since loosing my job in early December, 2015 due to ongoing health issues.

While I am currently focusing on knitting, crochet and needlework patterns, I ultimately hope to expand into creating custom designed clothing patterns tailor made to a person’s measurements.

While I am a designer, nothing brings me more pleasure than being able to inspire someone else to take a simple ‘recipe’ type pattern and help them to see how easy it is to create their own uniquely custom designed project.

In fact, I have posted about this on my blog for test stitchers. In that post I have given examples of how a simple ‘recipe’ pattern such as my knit cowl can be used to as a base for someone to create their own unique cowl by choosing a stitch pattern, or using their own entrelac or fair isle pattern.

I have also suggested taking a simple pattern such as one of those in my Border Library and use it to create a plastic canvas picture frame or a stitched bookmark.

Given a little help and inspiration, I truly believe that every crafter can create their own unique custom design projects.

Thank you!

original designs

Filet Crochet - Ruth Name Doily
StitchMeKnot Creations
Filet Crochet - Faith, Hope, Love
StitchMeKnot Creations
Filet Crochet - Maria Name Doily
StitchMeKnot Creations
Filet Crochet Name Doily - Anna
StitchMeKnot Creations