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My personal TOP 5. heart
I favorite projects where it’s a joy creating them as well as using them afterward.

The Dahlia Washcloths is such an easy-going project with a lovely result. Great as presents too.
Evie’s Eternities are similar, but both are also very very drapey and nice to touch due to the unique way of using stitches. I’ll definitely make more of this type of crochet.

The Sideways Ribbed hat and the Picky Pillows are very rare Tunisian crochet projects. I love the fit of the hat and the look of the pillows. Be aware that the pillow is a bit tricky. Take your time with it.
I frequently wear the hat and it still looks great. My pillows might look a little more worn out, due to the intense use.

The Smiley Toys makes me happy just as they have always made my children happy. Making them was quite a joy too.

Crochet patterns based on the waistcoat stitch (aka the crocheted knit stitch or split single crochet stitch).

The stitch can be used for a lot more than thick sturdy baskets.

The patterns explore how to use the stitch to obtain a lovely drape and subtle texture. In some cases, it is also used to add coveted flexibility/stretchiness to your items.

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