Susie Myers

Susie Myers

An Accidental Designer

I was determined to find a way to do top-down set-in sleeves continuously, on one round, or row, like a top-down raglan. After much experimenting, I made a garment and posted my idea in a forum.

I was surprised that my idea for top-down simultaneous set-in sleeves not only worked, but that other people wanted to try it too. AND, write patterns for others to try it as well.

I don’t claim to have invented it; rather, maybe, “unvented” it. That’s how it is in the knitting world, people find similar solutions to similar problems.

People have been able to use just the information in the PDFs to make their garments.
For those who prefer to follow a pattern, there are now over 100 patterns available, including on Knitty Deep Fall 2013, and in print in Knitscene Winter 2012.
Over 2500 garments have been made using the Contiguous Method.

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