Vashti Braha
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All of my Tunisian crochet patterns.

View nearly 100 of my Tunisian projects (some are not yet published as patterns).

Read about my approach to Tunisian crochet.

All of my slip stitch crochet designs.
See nearly 100 of my slip stitch projects in progress.

-Two Candied Color Charms patterns are true slip stitch crochet.
-Bling Bam Bangles: has a slip stitch crochet pattern in its easy-level collection.
-Moonglow Pocket Pillow: surface slip stitch (tambour) on taller stitches.
-Dessert Apron actually contains as many slip stitches (or more!) than taller stitches.

All of my jewelry crochet.

View all of my jewelry project pages in one place. (Some are not yet patterns.)

Lotus is a sport weight yarn I created with designer Doris Chan. We have lots of colors of it in several amounts: big & bigger cones, 256-yard skeins, and 85-yard cupcake-size balls.