A matter of interpretation by Mayan Ward

A matter of interpretation

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A simplified version of this pattern is available for free as part of my novel, here.

Welcome to my favorite pattern, which is meant for fun and play. Here, you are the director of the show. The chart is divided to hearts & triangles, like a quilt, and the way you color it will determine your design. The coloring can be easily done on the computer (highly addictive), or by hand.
There are many ways to knit it, from color-play, to double-knit, to single color with texture differences, crochet (use single crochet), and more. I like to use bulky yarn & US needles #13-15 for a big heavy winter blanket, or worsted yarn and US needles #8-9 for a summer blanky.

Other patterns in the Friendship Blankets series are:
Textured, knit with one yarn, the pattern made visible by switching knit & purl sts,
and Blocks, which is knit in separate sm blocks (for travel etc.)

Many thanks to valcrafts Nitaknits kayrun ElenaRose14
I couldn’t do it without you.