A rose by any other name by Laurencara Knits

A rose by any other name

This pattern is available for free.

You can use ANY yarn for this project, just use appropriate needle size for the yarn. (use the size stated on the band for the smaller flower, then a size 3mm larger for the larger flower).

Beautiful mohair brooch made in 2 sections. Both sections made with same instructions but different needle sizes. Sew the smaller section inside the larger section and attach a brooch back, hairclip, alice band etc. Simples!

It doesn’t really matter which yarn gauge and needle size you use, different weights and needles will give different sized flowers and textures. Experiment!

I’m totally amazed by how many people have knitted my pattern, and how different they all look knitted in different yarns. I’m particularly impressed with Mavis’s roses, knitted with yarn spun from the fur of her German Shepherd!