Amigurumi princess Mononoke by Jennifer Ramirez

Amigurumi princess Mononoke

January 2015
One size only - Small
Flag of English English
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Princess Mononoke is a small crochet project for intermediate hook ninjas. You will practice how to crochet different Amigurumi shapes as well as how to add felt details to your creations. Additionally you will learn how to make different accessories for your plush toys.

Mononoke is a wild princess that appears as the main character in Hayaos Miyazaki’s movie Princess Mononoke. It features the struggle of Mononoke, a young human inhabitant of the forest to protect it from the invasion of destruction that human greed causes. Mononoke rides a giant wolf who raised as her own daughter and interacts with many amazing characters through the whole movie. This is one of my favorite movies of all time, full of important messages about our place and role on earth.

You will need:

Worsted brown yarn
Worsted Red Yarn
Worsted Peach Yarn
Worsted Navy blue yarn
Worsted Dark gray
Black pressed felt
White pressed felt
1 pair of Amigurumi eyes
Fiberfill stuffing