ARAN MIX Cushion Cover by Sophie and Me-Ingunn Santini

ARAN MIX Cushion Cover

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ARAN MIX Cushion Cover

A joy to the eye, and a masterpiece to show off.
So squishy and cozy in your favorite snuggling place!
The sample is made in Aran wool, make it in cotton for the summer.
The cover is buttoned in side, easy to remove for cleaning.

The five different stitch patterns used to create the front and back of this cover, are inspired by the famous Aran patterns.
The Arans are a group of islands west of the Irish coast. Their knitted cables, braids and textured patterns have become legendary. Love them!

The 5 patterns used in the cover are:

  1. Pebble pattern.
  2. Fisherman’s Rib.
  3. Seed stitch.
  4. Reversed single crochet Cable.
  5. Knit-stitch Cable.

All the different patterns are the result of successful swatching.

Swatching for new patterns, I always make large pieces. In order to get a good idea about the gauge and the planned project.
If I’m real happy with a swatch, it ends up as a cushion cover. Never enough pillows, and great as gifts!
I love to have different color and pattern on the front and back. It’s like two cushions in one, to be turned according to mood and season!

Good luck, enjoy every new stitch you are about to learn in this pattern!
Mix and match them into new combinations and colors.
Each pattern creates great hats, slippers, sweaters, blankets, and so on!

Here is another lovely pillow, matching the style and size of the Aran Mix Cushion: Aran Wave Cushion Cover.
Now included in an E-BOOK with both covers!

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
TERMINOLOGY: American Crochet Terms.

PDF Pattern:
8 pages. Written instructions, step-by-step-photos, tutorials, stitch-diagrams, video tutorials for the special stitches, tips for how to adjust the cover into more standard shapes and sizes.

4/Medium/Aran/10 ply/Group B. WPI: 8
My yarn: Drops/Alaska - 100 % Wool.
Col 02/White, col 58/Mustard. (Green is scrap yarn)
Skein: 50 gr/70 m (1.8 oz/ 77 yds).
WPI (Wraps per Inch): 8

10 skeins (5 for front, 5 for back): 500 g (18 oz).

The different pattern stitches have different gauge, adjusted by changing hook size:

• Pebble pattern: 5,5 mm (I/9)
• Fisherman’s Rib pattern: 6 mm (J/10)
• Seed stitch pattern: 7mm (K/11)

60x40 cm (24’’x16’’). EU standard.

Included in pattern is more standard EU and US decor pillow insert sizes. Rectangle as well as square, with adjusted foundation and rows for both sides of the cover.

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