Arctic Sea Goddess by Lisa Naskrent

Arctic Sea Goddess

The Legend: It was said in the barren land beyond the ice glaciers there once lived four winter maidens. Though the sun shone often, it was still a world of frozen earth. It would take a careful eye to catch a glimpse of one of these goddesses of winter, because as it was told, they were so lovely that if they were seen, all the ice would melt away. The Arctic Sea Goddess always lingered near the ocean reef, as if watching the tides freeze in time. The lovely Ice Crystal Goddess would spend her time in the crystal caverns among the stone mountains. The Frosty Moon Goddess would stroll along the snow pebbled paths, only at night below the halo in the sky. And the Winter Rain Goddess was a dancer, prancing only in the fallen rain. But if one watched carefully, right before the moment the air would be too cold to bear, a goddess of winter would appear. All cold would be lost, for the beauty of these winter goddesses would leave an aura of warmth so one could walk along these lands in the warm beauty of the winter goddesses.

Includes: (4 scarf patterns) Arctic Sea Goddess, Ice Crystal Goddess, Frosty Moon Goddess & Winter Rain Goddess

Sizes: 1 size: width: varies, approx 5-7 inches, length: varies, 5.5 - 10’

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: (Worsted Weight) Acrylic