Assembly Tab Braid by Christine Guest

Assembly Tab Braid

This pattern is available for free.

Have you ever wished there was a way to add two edges to knitting, so that you could encase an edge of cut yardage?

I was wondering how to do this when I should have been falling asleep one night, the result was Assembly Tab Braid, but I was more excited about what I was trying to attach at the time. When I tried it out and showed my husband, he was much more interested in the flaps I’d added to my edging than in the edging itself. He named the braid, you can tell he’s an engineer!

Assembly Tab Braid is a narrow strip with two lines of yarn overs. When it is folded in half, the yarn overs line up exactly, and can be used as either a cast on edge to be picked up and knit, or a selvage that another piece is applied to.

The braid can be sewn around cut yardage, or existing hems (tee shirts, pillowcases, table cloths, etc.), then a border or edging can be worked. Or The edging or border can be worked onto the Assembly Tab Braid and then sewn to the other thing.

It’s like tape. You can do a lot with tape.

And when you do, please let me know, because I love seeing your cleverness!