Baby Quaggan by Alina Zhdanova

Baby Quaggan

This pattern is available for free.

Just a year ago I made two little quaggans - probably the сutest creatures from Guild Wars 2 universe - and did a tutorial in russian. There were many requests for English tutorial, and finally I managed to do it.

Important note: English is not my first language (or even second) and I have no practice on writing tutorials in it, so don’t mind to comment.


  • First of all you’ll need blue, light blue and white yarn. 50 gr of each color should be enough.
  • Next you’ll need something to stuff in your toy: cotton or anything you like.
  • You’ll also need 2 beads or buttons for eyes.
  • And of course a hook of an appropriate size and some contrast yarn to mark important stitches.
  • And you’ll probably need a needle to sew all the parts together.

The full text tutorial with photos is avaliable here

Данное описание также доступно на РУССКОМ языке здесь.