Barbie's Fitted Coat and Hat by Miner Industries, Inc.

Barbie's Fitted Coat and Hat

The pattern includes the coat and hat. It is a beginner-level pattern that is intended to be suitable for children.

This pattern was sold in a kit that also included the yarn and needles, so it gives no information about the materials required. You may find that worsted-weight yarn and size 6 U.S. needles give results similar to the picture on the leaflet.

Additional materials: three buttons, three snaps

The coat is made in pieces and seamed. The hat is made in one piece and seamed up the back. The coat closes with snaps and has decorative buttons.

Sized for a Barbie-type doll with the 1960s figure: 5.5”/3.125”/5”. The fit may vary on modern dolls.