BBC Scarfgate Scarf of Doom by Whodunnknit

BBC Scarfgate Scarf of Doom

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

This scarf was knitted on BBC Breakfast News live, and in the green room, on January 11th 2012 in less than 3 hours.

It caused so much controversy in the online aftermath that the internet nearly imploded in woolly horror. It has been described as “truly hideous”, “enough to put anyone off knitting for life” and “the fugliest scarf ever”. In the wake of its knitting, the knitter’s mental health, knitting credentials, needle holding, appearance, tension, and intelligence have been questioned by total strangers.

This is a scarf to be reckoned with. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the pattern to make that scarf.

The first page of the pattern is just a simple little scarf that anyone can make. The second page of the pattern is a little bit of advice for any knitter who worries about what people think of them.

The pattern is offered to show support for a knitters’ world where everyone can knit whatever they like, whenever they like, how ever they like, without worrying someone will treat them like dirt for doing so.

Pass the pattern on to knitters you think might need a boost or a laugh or a little bit of encouragement to leave the ‘yarn haterz’ herd and stand with the happier carefree knitters.

This pattern is dedicated to all the lovely knitters and non-knitters who sent such nice words of support when ‘Scarfgate’ kicked off. You’re the best advert for knitting ever. I am proud to stand amongst you and pass round virtual cake.