Beaded Chains Bracelet by Fatima

Beaded Chains Bracelet

by Fatima
This pattern is available for free.

If you’re having difficulty at Row 13 “end the row with ch sts”, this means that you end the row not with beads but rather with 3 or 5 or so chain stitches. The bracelet looks nicer if the beads weren’t directly next to the placket.

See also this forum. Thanks, Laurie, for raising this question!

The April CAL at the Ravelry Group on Crocheted Jewelry is Gene Pascual’s 7-Days Summer Bracelet. When Merri posted one of her projects on the group I saw that it was a beaded version of Gene’s bracelet. Merri used Brenda KB Anderson’s Dew Drop Bracelet from Interweave Crochet.

The chain and beaded chain design is a very versatile one and from the photos, it is possible to come up with your own pattern. I tried this using acrylic yarn of fingering weight and some stone beads of irregular sizes. I particularly like the irregularity of the size of beads. I also arranged the beads on the chains in such a way that they are also irregular.

Below the Beaded Chains Bracelet pattern are photos of a necklace using the same pattern with some modifications of the length of the chains and adding a crocheted “belt” with a butterfly charm in the middle to gather the chains. The lovely butterfly is a stitch-marker from my Ravelry friend Bonnie!

Note: The pattern includes only the Bracelet and not the Necklace. There is a pattern description for the Necklace so that crocheters may modify the Bracelet pattern to make their own Necklace.

Bracelet: Fingering weight acrylic yarn (3-ply yarn)
Small stone or glass beads with holes large enough to fit yarn (120 pieces or more depending on your size)
Larger bead to be used as button for enclosure
Necklace:** Thread weight yarn, like crochet cotton thread size 8
Small stone or glass beads with holes large enough to fit yarn (99 pieces or more depending on your size)
Larger bead to be used as button for enclosure*

Bracelet: Aluminum crochet hook size Japan 5/0 (3.0mm)
Necklace:** Aluminum crochet hook size Japan 3/0 (2.2mm)*

Sharp scissors, needle
You might also wish to use clear nail polish to stiffen the ends of yarn so that you can easily insert them through the beads

Design notes: The bracelet is crocheted in one piece. All the beads are threaded before working. I used a needle to thread the beads but some of the beads have small holes that a needle wouldn’t fit through. Here I used nail polish to stiffen the end of the yarn and shape it into a pointed tip that easily passed through the holes of smaller beads.

The beaded chains are commenced at row 8. If you are using beads of same sizes you may count the number of chains and beads and repeat that number for the rest of the beaded chains. This will make all the beaded chains of equal lengths. However, since I used irregular sized beads and also tend to crochet loosely and tightly in different places, I just looked at the length of the chain and added ch sts until they look even. Anyway, a small amount of unevenness is also good and gives the bracelet a more interesting appearance.