Blossomleaf by Nim Teasdale


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Blossomleaf is a top down crescent, the final shawl in the Leaf Cycle.

This shawl is inspired by the beauty, enthusiasm and playfulness of spring. It can easily adapt to a variety of yarn weights and fibres.

Make a delicately structured all over lace shawl in silky lace weight, or a mostly garter shawl out of variegated sock yarn, with a pretty edging - this pattern is many shawls in one!

The pattern is both written and charted, and like the uplifting, exciting season it is named for, it offers many fun variables to play with:

  • It has 3 interchangeable charts which can be worked as many times as you like.

  • It allows the blossom and leaf sections to be worked out of sequence, or skipped.

  • It can have an all over design, or an adjustable sized plain section in stockinette or garter.

  • Optional beading

Lace rows are worked on the right side only, and can be worked solely from the written pattern.

Happy knitting!

French translation with many thanks to Elegnad and MadlaineYarn of