Boo Bear by S. Pendleton

Boo Bear

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January 2008
DMC Cebelia Size 30 crochet thread
Thread ?
1.3 mm
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Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

Crochet this miniature bear for yourself, or to give as a gift. You may use other types and sizes of thread to make Boo Bear, with a size hook that’s appropriate for the thread used. The bear in the red overalls was made with size 30 thread and a size 10 hook. He is just under 3 inches; I used punch thread and a size 10 hook for the 3-inch bear in the overalls. The bear in the green overalls was made using a sport-weight mohair yarn and a size 7 hook, and he is just under 5-inches tall. Be sure to change the size of the eyes and joint pins and disks accordingly. The pattern tells you how to joint the head with a cotter pin and disks, and thread joint the arms.

Also included is the pattern for Boo Bear’s little overalls.

Materials and Supplies Needed:

• Size 30 cotton thread, light brown, or color of choice (Color A) – 1 ball Size 30 thread, off-white, or color of choice (Color B) – about 25 yds
Note: Bear may be made all in one color if desired.
• Size 10 (1.3mm) crochet hook
• Fiberfill
• Two 2-mm black onyx beads for eyes
• Two ¼“ by 1/16” joint disks
• One 1/16” by ½” cotter pin
• Black embroidery thread (or color desired for features)
• Upholstery or other strong thread similar in color to bear for jointing
• Nylon or other strong black thread for sewing on eyes
• Sewing Needles (Suggestions: nr 7 darner or milliner’s needle for jointing and eyes, nr 26 tapestry needle for closing, nr 9 embroidery needle for features, and nr 10 beading
needle for eyes.)
• Small hemostat, dowel, long tweezers, or other long, narrow tool for stuffing
• Small needle-nose pliers for curling cotter pins
• Watercolor pencil or makeup for shading (brown and light pink) - optional

Errata note: Please note that an error has been found on page 6, Nr 12 of the body. Change from: Sc in next 11 sc, (2 sc in next sc) 5 times, to: Sc in next 11 sc, (2 sc in next sc, sc in next sc) 5 times. Thanks to lrccook for finding the mistake!