Branching Leaves Scarf by Olenka

Branching Leaves Scarf

by Olenka
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Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

No longer available

Needs original information if discovered.

Yarn used by designer was 75% cotton 25% polyamid 50g= 205m

Formerly available at Chart made available was not correctly attributed to original source, which may have been a Chinese book.

Found what may be the original chart in Duplet magazine no. 69 p. 6-7. There are several versions of this pattern including one ridged, one ribbed and veined, and a loveley lace, openwork one.

It is illustrated on a dress made of panels of this design. Duplet 45 also has this pattern and versions as a part of tabletop decor.

Each design and variation are presented by charts.

So while not available on Craftster, the design is still in print in Duplet magazine.

A link to the original on

And link to larger version of the chart: