Bunny named Quwi by Annita Wilschut

Bunny named Quwi

April 2019
Any gauge - designed for any gauge ?
273 - 328 yards (250 - 300 m)
Flag of English English Additional languages which are not in the download: Dutch, German
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This pattern is in English.
The name in dutch for this pattern is Gijs. The pattern in dutch can be bought via www.zijmaakthet.com

Quwi is a cute animal. With long ears he looks a bit like a rabbit, and with small ears like a guinea pig.
I designed this stuffed animal during a long trip to South America. During this trip the name Quwi emerged. Quwi is Quechua (Inka language) for guinea pig.

With this pattern I wanted to go back to the basics. My recent patterns tended to be more complicated than the older ones. I designed Quwi with as little tricks as possible. 
The connections between the body and the head, and between the limbs and the body are all done in the same way.

The examples in this pattern are in stripes, Quwi however is also quite happy with a skin in a solid color.
Like all designs by Zijmaakthet, Quwi is knit seamlessly in the round. So, when you are done knitting, you do not have to sew a lot of small pieces together; Quwi can be stuffed directly.
Quwi may be knit from any yarn. Fingering weight yarn knit on needles size 0, results in a 12-inch tall Quwi.
Using DK-yarn and needles size 4 yields a 20-inch rabbit.

Die deutsche Anleitung ist hier erhältlich.

Größe (von links nach rechts, stehend gemessen):

  • ca. 38 cm hoch
  • ca. 50 cm hoch
  • ca. 30 cm hoch

Material (von links nach rechts):

  • je 100 g Admiral Hanf in “Porzellan” (col. #2380) und “Raw Chocolate” (col. #2378), 1 Rundstricknadel oder 1 Nadelspiel Nr 1,5

  • 200 g Zauberball®Crazy Cotton in “Erntezeit” (col. #2391), 1 Rundstricknadel oder 1 Nadelspiel Nr 2,5

  • 200g Zauberball®Cotton in “Downtown” (col. #2407), 1 Rundstricknadel oder 1 Nadelspiel Nr 1,5