Cat Hoodie by Kristin Roach

Cat Hoodie

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I made Molly a cat hoodie quite some time ago. Jason and I thought RapCat (checkers’ commercials) was just too ridiculous and therefore, pretty funny. We invented a synario where RapCat was Molly’s secret lover and it was a long standing, pretty bizzare, joke. We even joked about Molly wearing RapCat’s hoodie, you know, the blue and blue one. We laughed so hard about it…. and then I made one for her and we laughed some more. And the really funny thing is she doesn’t mind wearing it at all!

Now I know that a lot of cats would have serious objections with any kind of hoodie being put on them, even if knit with the most love. So some other ideas for the hoodie - Big Panda Plushies, A willing stout puppy dog (a little pug maybe?), you get the idea :)

It just happened so well that when I woke up this morning snow was covering the ground. Perfect! Jason and I slipped the hoodie on and took her outside. She was actually really curious about all the snow. I suppose it’s been a year since the last time she saw it.