Craft Bazaar Bracelet Antique Lace by Sia Karamalegos

Craft Bazaar Bracelet Antique Lace

This pattern is available for free.

My friend is participating in her school’s craft bazaar, so I was inspired to create a few new patterns. For those of you who are looking for patterns you can use to earn a few bucks, feel free to use this for your own craft bazaars as long as you give my blog credit.

For these bracelets, I was inspired by the Blueprint Crochet Julie Cuff that I made last year as a Christmas present - I thought why not make a whole series of these using crochet flowers and lace edgings? Here is the pattern for my first lace crochet bracelet - I would love to see your interpretations! Please let me know if you find any errors in the pattern. I know a diagram a la Japanese crochet would be easier to follow, but hey it’s a free pattern.