Elf Draft Stopper and Shelf Sitter by The Left-Handed Crocheter

Elf Draft Stopper and Shelf Sitter

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Winter is here and so is the cold. Do you have cold air that leaks under your door? We certainly do, so I decided I needed to create some draft stoppers. This elf is cute and functional. Just push him up against your door and his legs will stop that cold air from coming in.

I loved him so much, I wanted to create a matching one that I could put on a shelf in my living room. So I created one pattern, with different legs, that can be used to make the matching set. This pattern will be available free on my blog soon, or you can help support me and purchase a printable pattern here.

Go check out my pattern for my elf cuddle buddy, and my other draft stoppers and shelf sitters. They look so cute together.

This pattern was designed and copyrighted by The Left-Handed Crocheter. You are welcome to make and sell items using my patterns, as long as you don’t post the pattern anywhere. And giving me credit for the pattern is always welcome.

Due to this being an electronic product, no refunds will be granted.

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