Fox Alice by Olka Novytska

Fox Alice

December 2017
Lace ?
1.25 mm
3.35-inches (8.5 cm) tall toy
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Sweet little fox Alice was visiting the hall of curved mirrors for the first time with her dad. This huge place was packed to the roof with mirrors of every size and shape. Alice was beside herself with joy, running from one mirror to another, looking at her distorted reflections and laughing out loud. Without realizing it, she found herself in a nook of the hall, where she spotted a mysterious object in front of her, covered with a cloth. Driven by curiosity, Alice carefully pulled off the cloth and immediately saw her reflection in a big old mirror with a wooden frame. waved to her reflection, which wave back at her. Our little fox smiled and her reflection smiled back at her too. But when she straightened her hat, the reflection did not move. “Oh!”, Alice flinched, “You’re not my reflection?”. “No, I am not”, replied a voice coming out of the mirror. “But I thought you were my reflection! How come you’re not? Who are you?”, cried out, “And why we look exactly the same?”, she added. “I don’t know, I wanted to ask you the same!”, the reflection replied. “Oh… Ok… Let’s introduce myself then: I’m Alice. And what’s your name?”. ”Hm, strange, my name is Alice too! How did you end up in the mirror?”, Mirror Alice asked. “No-no, I’m not in the mirror!”, Alice exclaimed, “I’ve come to visit this big mirror hall with my dad and I’ve found this old mirror here, in which I’m seeing you now”, Alice explained. “Really? My mirror is hanging on the wall in my room”, the fox in the mirror said, “I never saw anyone in it, except myself… So weird!”, she mused. “This is magic!”, our little Alice marveled.

“Alice! Alice! Where are you?”, her dad’s called out, his voice booming across the hall. “I’m sorry, I have to go, my dad is calling me”, Alice said quickly. “Wait! Can we meet again?”, her new friend in the mirror asked. “I think I can persuade my dad to come back here in one week”, our little fox replied softly. “I will be waiting for you here, near my mirror at the same time in one week”, gladly replied Mirror Alice. “See you!”, whispered Alice, covering the old mirror back with the cloth. Dad was almost here. “I’m coming, Dad!”

One week later, our little Alice ran through the mirror hall in anticipation, she was so excited to meet with her new friend again! And this is how Alice’s first true friendship was born.

Fox Alice is a design toy, created specially for “AradiyaToys Design” collection.

Materials needed to create 3.35-inches (8.5 cm) tall toy:
– hook: 1.25 mm Clover hook (but you can use any hook you want, just find a proper yarn for it)
– yarn: “Iris” by Kirov Yarn Mills (150 meters / 25 grams), 100% cotton
– Black glass or safety eyes Ø 6 mm
– sewing needle
– stuffing material

This pattern is for personal use only. Sharing information from this pattern is prohibited. If you publish the photos of the toys you made with this pattern, crediting the author is always welcome.

Photo(s) by Olka Novytska.

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