Goblin-Cleaver by Michele DuNaier


July 2015
Light Fingering ?
20 stitches = 4 inches
in double crochet
4.0 mm (G)
450 - 900 yards (411 - 823 m)
56" wide across top, 9" deep - can be made smaller, larger, or deeper.
Flag of English English
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“Are you SURE we can’t bring Frodo?” Primula asked petulantly. “I know he would love it so!”

“Absolutely not, Primula!” Drogo sputtered. “Sometimes I wonder what you can be thinking… I accompany you on these ridiculous boat rides because otherwise you’d just go alone, but our Frodo is merely a young hobbit of twelve! Besides, the lad is perfectly happy to spend the evening with his Brandybuck cousins. That is MORE than enough excitement for him, in my opinion…”

“Oh, well, I suppose there will be other opportunities to introduce him to boating,” Primula mused, her eyes shining. “It HAS been a wonderful visit to Buckland, hasn’t it dear?”

“A bit too wild here for me,” Drogo replied. “I’ll be glad to get back to Hobbiton where hobbits are sensible – no messing about in boats or reckless hiking trips into the Old Forest. Brandybucks and Tooks…” he shook his head. “Thankfully young Frodo takes after the respectable Baggins side of the family!“

“Not ALL Bagginses are so ‘respectable’” said Primula with a twinkle in her eye. “What about Cousin Bilbo? Racketing about with wizards and dwarves…”

“Now, we won’t discuss him, Primula – it’s his Tookish blood – once it’s encouraged there’s no telling where things will end. We’ve agreed to bring up young Frodo as a respectable Baggins – no Adventures for him!” Drogo shook his head sternly.

“Yes dear,” Primula replied automatically. “I wonder which shawl I should wear this evening for our boating excursion on the river,” she murmured, her attention fixed on a small mountain of asymmetrical shawls she had unearthed from her travel trunks.

“I will never understand your family,” Drogo said, “especially this peculiar obsession the Brandybuck and Took females have for scalene triangular shawls. They’re just not – symmetrical!” Like all Bagginses, Drogo spent much time in his study poring over maps, graphs, and geometric figures, but he preferred his triangles to have at least two equal sides…

“Well, it all started with the Goblin Rebellion and my Great Uncle ‘Bullroarer’ Took. History gives him credit for knocking off the Goblin King’s head with a club, but all the women in my family know it was really his wife - my Great Aunt - and incidentally, she was a Brandybuck -” added Primula proudly, “who threw her freshly blocked Boomerang shawl at the Goblin King and beheaded him!”

“Preposterous!” Drogo said, looking askance at his wife. “I never heard such a thing!”

“Of course not,” Primula replied, shaking her head knowingly. “The male hobbits always take all the credit. But it’s amazing how a good blocking will crisp the picots on a shawl – and she was known throughout the Shire as the most stringent blocker in the Westfarthing – it’s all in the pinning, you know… So, ever since that fateful battle, ‘Boomerang Shawls’ are a tradition in the Took and Brandybuck families.”

“Primula, you honestly don’t expect me to believe this…” Drogo began. Really, his wife’s stories were becoming more ridiculous all the time!