Goldenleaf by Nim Teasdale


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Goldenleaf is a flowing semi-circular shawl with an expanding leaf pattern, and just enough texture to add depth. The pattern includes 5 possible ending points, and the edging can either be blocked into dripping leaf points, or left to form a fluttery leafy ruffle, as pictured. (The size of the shawl can be increased in width as well by adding extra wedges.)

This design was inspired by the beauty of the ginkgo tree. Interestingly, these unusual trees are living fossils, being recognisably related to fossils from 270 million years ago. They are a reminder of the resilience of life on our beautiful planet, and our responsibility to care for it during our brief time here.

This pattern raised $230 for the Amazon Conservation Association, one of many wonderful groups working to protect this area and support the people who live there. If you’re looking for other ways to support this essential ecosystem, this article has some helpful suggestions beyond donation, and this has information and more links to various organisations that are trying to help.

The design suits lace to fingering yarn, in solid, semi-solid, gradient or subtle speckle varieties and needs approximately 500m for the smallest size, up to approx 1000m, or more if adding extra wedges.

Can be worked entirely from the written pattern, or from charts with some notes.

My project page can be found here.

Note: chart 3 a or b (including bind off) uses roughly the same amount of yarn as the first 72 rows, and chart 3 c or d (including bind off) uses roughly the same amount as the first 81 rows, so you may like to weigh your yarn after row 72 & 81 to use as a reference later.

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