Granny Square by The Art of Crochet

Granny Square

From the magazine:
“This is a traditional and colourful crochet motif square that is worked in rounds featuring blocks of half treble with chain spaces between them.”

This pattern is featured in many issues of The Art of Crochet with the only difference being the colour yarns used.

Issue 3: Redcurrant, Clover and Sailor Blue yarns
Issue 12: Maize, Aubergine and Turquoise yarns
Issue 19: Redcurrant, Maize and Lavender yarns
Issue 22: Vanilla, Sailor Blue and Maize yarns
Issue 35: Maize, Clover and Turquoise yarns
Issue 43: Sailor Blue, Vanilla and Aubergine yarns
Issue 53: Turquoise, Redcurrant and Maize yarns
Issue 59: Lavender, Aubergine and Vanilla yarns
Issue 69: Maize, Aubergine and Turquoise yarns
Issue 76: Maize, Sailor Blue and Vanilla yarns