Hanabi Hanky by Misha Warbanski

Hanabi Hanky

by Misha Warbanski
This pattern is available for free.

A Japanese-inspired facecloth

It’s mid-summer in Japan. Hot and so humid it’s like you’re swimming. If you can’t find refuge somewhere air conditioned, you will likely engage in the national pasttime of dabbing your forehead and neck with a little towel.

Everyone in Japan carries a facecloth. They’re practical, not just for wiping sweat, but because public washrooms here rarely have hand dryers.

Some other national past-times include springtime flower viewings (hanami) and summer fireworks displays (hanabi). I chose a star-burst pattern that evokes both of these images.

Towels are a major accessory in Japan. Be luxurious! Knit several to match your favourite shoes and handbags.