How to Crochet Beads by Maya Kuzman

How to Crochet Beads

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I worked very hard to make this tutorial and I am sure I made a worth compilation.

Why crochet beads?
The answer is quite simple.
With your own crocheted beads you don’t have to worry if you have the right size or the right color for your project. You can make them in any size, any shape, any color. They are cheap – you can use leftover yarn, or simply unravel a no longer needed sweater or potholder and there’s your material for new beads.
This tutorial is a compilation of crocheted beads I have been making to create my crocheted jewelry and accessories. They come in all the basic shapes, but I might say “a shape with a twist”

The PDF file contains elaborate photo - tutorial with more than 100 pictures and 44 pages.

The content:

  1. Introduction
  2. List of supplies
  3. Round / Circular Beads
  4. Mini Doilies
  5. Ovals / Teardrop Beads
  6. Diamond Beads
  7. Triangular Beads
  8. Bow Necklace
  9. Rectangular Beads
  10. Twisted Rectangular
  11. Wool/ Yarn beads