How to knit a hat by Megan Goodacre

How to knit a hat

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October 2013
Any gauge - designed for any gauge ?
Preemie (12 inches) to Adult with very large brain (24 inches)
Out of print. This pattern was available for free.

A hat is an ideal knitting project. It’s small, uses little yarn, and doesn’t need to be tailored to fit. A knit hat is practical, too, keeping heads warm and covering up bad-hair days. From a knitting point of view, it’s a stashbuster, meaning it uses up leftover yarn. Hats can be knit in any size and with almost any type of yarn; in this guide you’ll learn a basic recipe that will work for any size hat and a range of yarns and gauges.

Skills You Will Need
Knitting in the round
Knit/purl combinations
Basic decreases (K2tog and ssk)

A pinch of basic math