Knooking 101: Garter Stitch Washcloth by Jennifer Peters

Knooking 101: Garter Stitch Washcloth

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

So what IS knooking? In a nutshell, it’s making actual knit stitches using a specialized crochet hook. Nope, it’s not Tunisian, slip stitch, crochetnit, double crochet, or any other knit-look-alike stitch. It’s actual knit and purl stitches. Knitting with a hook = Knooking. :)

There is nothing particularly special about these patterns except that I wrote the directions with the new Knooker in mind, with some tips for dealing with the holding cord and links to the tutorials in case they are needed.

A lot of times beginning knitter and crochet books will tell the new crafter to make a scarf.


Your first project will probably look like crap, so why torture yourself with a huge time-suck like a scarf that you won’t wear anyway? But a washcloth can be both crappy AND useful all at the same time.

The reasons why I think washcloths are great starting projects:

  1. It’s small, and can be worked up in a few hours even if you are a slow Knooker.

  2. You’ll get to practice casting on, knitting and/or purling and casting off.

  3. It’s small enough you won’t have time to get bored.

  4. It’s portable, you can hide it in your purse and Knook at work.

  5. Washcloths are useful all year long, scarves are not.

  6. If you need to rip back or frog the whole thing, it’s only a few rows.

  7. If it looks ugly you can always use it to scrub your kitchen counters or bathroom.

  8. If it’s really ugly you can always toss it in the trash and never speak of it again.

I’m happy to present to you, my first Knooking Patterns: