Li'l Tux for Baby by Judy Lamb

Li'l Tux for Baby

This pattern is available for free.

Note: There are actually two different patterns for the baby tux. The one on my website ( is the original pattern. It has set-in sleeves.

The Knit and Crochet Now! version can be found here:

When Crochet Now contacted me, I revised the pattern so that it was box-shaped and was thus easier to sew on the sleeves. I also resized it a little to fit better, and made some other minor fixes -- one of those is the stripe around the collar to represent the bowtie strap.

So, when you are downloading the pattern, be aware of the differences so you won’t be wondering why it turned out different than the picture.

- Red Heart 4-oz. Worsted Weight Yarn: 2 skeins black, and 1 skein white

  • Five white 5/8” buttons, and two black 5/8” buttons.

No gauge given.

Former link: