M2M socks (Made-2-Measure) by Tanja Murray

M2M socks (Made-2-Measure)


This is my first toe up pattern for a fitted sock :-)

The main reason I decided to create this pattern is that I’ve found that if you are wearing your knitted socks in shoes and boots (rather than trainers or similar) there often seem to be just a tad bit too many stitches at the very front of the foot and a tad too few at the highest point of the instep making them a bit tight across the heel/instep area.

When you see the pattern I hope you won’t be scared off by the amount of calculations as there is a bit more of that then the ‘traditional’ sock pattern. I’ve tried to keep it to a minimum but as they are made from your own foot measurements it is unfortunately necessary… however, it does eliminate any bagginess or tightness making them perfectly made-2-measure :-).

Please note that this pattern has NOT been test knitted so any feedback would be greatly appreciated (I have made 2 for myself in different gauges and 1 pair for my husband and all 3 turned out fine).

Happy knitting!