Mini ranita by Laura Jiménez

Mini ranita

September 2020
1.75 mm
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

Hi! We are Kawaka Crochet.

We give you our first amigurumi pattern in Ravelry for free. This is a free written pattern of an amigurumi frog. You can download the PDF with the detailed instructions to knit your own amigurumi frog. It is very simple and quick to do.

This pattern is only in Spanish, but the following patterns that we will publish will also be in English. So if you are a Spanish or English user, you can make your creations following my patterns without any problem!

It is not allowed to sell the results you get with our patterns or disseminate partially or totally its content through any channel without the consent of Kawaka Crochet. Also, it is not allowed to share, sell, modify, translate to another language, distribute or publish partially or totally any of its content without express written consent from Kawaka Crochet.

Ah! One more thing. If you share your Kawaka Crochet creations on your social networks, we greatly appreciate that you mention us as @kawakacrochet. Thank you very much and we hope you like our pattern! Enjoy!