Mosaic Alphabet

August 2019
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The idea behind my mosaic alphabet is to allow crocheters to add writings to their mosaic projects. The pattern includes all the letters in the English and Icelandic alphabet, as well as the numbers and a small heart just for fun!

For example, if you are making a baby blanket, you can add the name and date of birth of the child. The same could go for a wedding present, graduation and many other projects that are gifted to mark a milestone or achievements. Another option is just to write up something witty or inspirational and make a cushion cover with it! There are endless possibilities here and I can’t wait to see what you make with it!

Pattern instructions

the pattern is given in separate charts for each letter of the alphabet, numbers and a small heart. It comes with written explanations on how to work the charts and for each chart there is a photo showing the end result. You can see an example of the set up here in the pics.


you can use which ever yarn you like, I used cotton for the samples shown here, but the idea is that you can add the letters to your projects, so you would then just use the same yarn you are using for that. As always, mosaic crochet looks better when worked tightly, so please bear that in mind.

Abbreviations (US terms):

ST = stitch
SC = single crochet
DC = double crochet

General instructions

The alphabet is all worked with the mosaic crochet technique, so it’s all worked from the front side, from right to left (unless you are left-handed, then it’s done left to right). At the end of each row you break off the yarn. The pattern is striped the whole way through, and each round is worked with only one color at a time. Work one round in color A and then one round in color B, alternating with each round. I recommend always using contrasting colors for A and B, that way the patterns pop more. In the alphabet, color B makes up the letters.

Mosaic crochet technique

The pattern is crocheted with the mosaic crochet technique, so all:
Single crochet stitches are worked in the back loop of a stitch.
Double crochet stitches are worked in either the front loop of a stitch in the row below the one you would normally crochet into, or as a FPDC around a DC in that same row.
Usually, the DC stitches are then worked in the corresponding stitch right below the stitch you would normally crochet into, one round down. For example, the double crochet stitches in round 4 are worked into stitches from round 2, DC stitches in round 5 are worked into stitches in round 3, etc. When working the double crochet stitches, you just yarn over and insert your hook from below in the front loop of the corresponding stitch and then work a normal DC in that stitch.

This time I’ve mixed it up a bit, to get better and smoother letters, and sometimes you work the DC’s into a stitch that is two rows down and also 1 stitch to the left or right.
If you are working your DC into a SC, then you always work into the front loop of that stitch. If you are working your DC into a DC, then you work it as a FPDC around the DC two rows down. There are a few exceptions to this and then I always specify that you should not work your DC as a front post. To explain a bit, when you are working the DC’s as a front post, then it’s to get a smooth line or turn, the few times I work into the front loop of a DC, then that’s to get a sharper turn. You will see this once you start and it’s all very easy peacy.

This way you get this unique mosaic pattern. Because the mosaic pattern is worked this way, always from the front side, the pattern only appears on front side of the pattern, and the back side is striped.

If you need any help with the pattern, please join us in my Facebook group, where me and my wonderful admin team will be happy to help you!: