No Poke Flip Flop Sole by Sophie and Me-Ingunn Santini

No Poke Flip Flop Sole

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No Hole Poke Flip-Flop Sole Method.

I design a lot of slippers and socks, and most of them have the option to join soles to the bottom (E-Books).
For protection, and for the possibility to use my crochet slippers as shoes for street wear.

I have already three good sole solutions to offer.
All methods can be standardized, or adapted to any foot-size and shape:

• Cord Soles Any size customized.
• Crochet Soles Any size customized.
• Door-Mat Soles Any size customized.

I am however constantly looking for fast and simple methods to sole my crochet socks, slippers and shoes.
I never considered Flip Flops as a solution, as I didn’t like the poking, or the visible rubber.
Until I glued a crochet edge to the sides!

This solution has 4 advantages:

  1. Great soles for street-wear. Looks like soles for espadrilles.
  2. One-piece slippers or socks can be seamed to the sole edge.
  3. Shoes or slippers can be worked directly around the edge.
  4. Shoes or slippers can be worked around the edge before the shoe-piece with edge is glued to the sole. This is the method used for the Flip-Flop Oxfords.

• As an extension of this idea, and lack of access to Flip Flops in the winter, I have successfully used similar materials as in Flip Flops, like memory foam floor-mats and yoga/gym mats.
Creates warm, light, soft, non-skid slippers, lovely to walk and wear.
Used for the new Wrap and Button Adult Booties.
Not recommended for out-door.

• For standard sizes there are 4 sole templates included in this tutorial, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
• For personal use, make your own foot template, as instructed in tutorial.


  • How to prepare the Flip-Flops
  • How to make foot templates
  • How to make sole edge for home wear and street wear
  • How to make insoles
  • How to join one-piece slippers to outsoles
  • How to work slippers around the sole-edge, directly and indirectly.
  • How to Fdc (Foundation dc), photo tutorial plus video
  • How to join Fdc into a circle, photo tutorial plus video
  • 4 sole templates: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

9 pages. Written instructions, step by step photos.

Terminology: American Crochet Terms.
Skill level: Intermediate.


For home and street wear:
FLIP-FLOPS (no wedge).

For home wear:
• Memory foam floor mats or other mats.
• Gym or yoga mats.
• Any cut-able material suitable for soles, not too soft.

• Heavy scissor, or carpet cutter, like Stanley Retractable Utility Knife.
• 1 tube transparent silicone/caulk/sealant (found in hardware stores).
• Tube-gun. No need for gun, if sealant is in a hand-squeeze tube.

For home and street wear:
• 1 ball string/twine, hemp, sisal, jute or linen, about 2 mm thick, however workable with crochet hook not larger than 3,5 mm (US E/4).
For home wear:
• Any normal yarn, wool or cotton, matching the slippers.
However workable with crochet hook not larger than 3,5 mm (US E/4).

STANDARD SIZES for sole templates included in tutorial:

Small = US 2 - 4 / EU 34-36
Medium = US 5 - 6 / EU 37-38
Large= US 7 - 8/ EU 39-40
Extra Large = 9-10 / EU 41-42

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