No Show Socks by Scarlett Royal

No Show Socks

Loom Knitting
August 2018
Fingering (14 wpi) ?
350 - 375 yards (320 - 343 m)
Flag of English English
This pattern is available in print for $30.00.

For the last year and then some, I have been researching and learning about socks. Much of early learning had trial and error like most do, but the more you do, the better you get. In this book it might as well be a dictionary or encyclopedia of socks for the looms. While you can do a literal translation from needles to loom, sometimes it isn’t functional, and more effort than it is worth. My goal for this book was to get the look of the needle knit, but the ease for the loom. Some things still were difficult even on the looms, but were included anyway. Please keep this in mind if you are a needle knitter and are looking to learn the loom for socks, these are not literal translations. They are more on average an essence of the techniques.
In this book I will go over a vast number of things from brands, looms, gauges, yarns, sizing, cheats, swatching, and so much more. I will also go over basic sock styles and include some history on a few of the styles that are in this book. If you are interested in knowing as much as you can about everything socks, then this is the book that has it.
If you need to know if a certain technique is a skill level you can achieve, I will be including a star rating. One star for beginner, two stars for intermediate beginner, threes stars for intermediate, and four stars for advance. This will help you decide if you can work the technique, or even if you want the challenge of the technique.
Much of this book has photos and plenty of written instructions, but the wonderful thing about this book is, almost every single thing has a video tutorial for it. This means you get visual help, along with the written. Making this book very helpful for those visual learners who kind of understand written, but need to see it as well.
Heels, toes, and socks styles have formulas, this is a concept of plug in measurements and equations, and use a calculator to figure up any size, in any technique or style sock you want. This is nice, in that is doesn’t block you from making sizes and using different looms and gauges.
I have focused on the Cindwood loom brand for this book, many other brands have versatile looms that you may have to maneuver a little differently to get the same look. This means you will need to keep an open mind as to how you can use the looms you have, to work up the same techniques on the Cindwood looms. I am not an expert on loom brands, I have tried to become more of an expert on the variety of techniques. If you are interested in who you can talk to about brands I have included names in this book along with links to websites to be able to get in touch with these people who can better answer your questions. I have even sought some of these peoples help on being able to put info down in this book so you can have a better idea on other brands you would like to try.
This covers a general overview of the book, and now it is time to dive in and get started making socks!!! Happy Sock Looming!!!