Oriental Dragon by Gail Hovanec

Oriental Dragon

July 2012
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

Updated PDF for new body uploaded
Apologies!!! I see that I never did upload the updated new body PDF with the errata below.
It is now uploaded.

ERRATA March 23, 2017
A big thank you to jayde103 for catching that I didn’t copy my written notes for the new body over seamlessly! Below is the section with typos, the errors/ommissions are bolded so that if you have printed off the new body instructions, no need to reprint, just note the changes.

Rd 114: sc2tog, hdc, L1, L2x2, L3, L2x2, L1, Lhdc, 2 sc (12 sts)
Rd 115: sc around
Rd 116: hdc, L1, L2x2, L3, L2x2, L1, Lhdc, 3 sc
Rd 117: sc around
Rd 118: hdc, L1, L2x2, L3, L2x2, L1, Lhdc, 3 sc
Rd 119: hdc, L1, L2x2, L3, L2x2, L1, Lhdc, sc2tog, sc (11 sts)
Rd 120: sc2tog, 6 hdc, 3 sc (10 sts)

UPDATE Feb 7, 2016:
New PDF added which has the alternate body instructions only. This way, if you already printed the pattern you only need to print this new three page PDF with the new body instructions. Please see the three new photos added of the green and purple body - as you can see, it looks nearly identical to the old style body but it is, IMO, easier to make and holds it’s shape better.

You can still use the original instructions for the rest of the dragon parts and instructions.

This new style of body allows much more firm stuffing with NO HOLES. The firmer body is more stable and eliminates the “heavy head” syndrome!

The new style of body uses linked Tunisian crochet stitches which are not detailed in the instructions as there are dozens of very good tutorial videos out there to show you how to make them if you have not done so before. But… very basically:

Linked stitches are worked into the cross bars of the column of Tunisian stitches.
You increase the height of the linked stitch by picking up an additional loop at the base of the column of stitches.
You decrease the height by pulling the last loop of a column through the last two cross bars.

Adding an explanation of a one loop linked stitch and decrease/increase as I have had several questions on this:

A linked stitch with one drawn up loop is like a double crochet where what would have been your initial yarn over is made by picking up a loop.

When you are going from a half double crochet to the first L1, put your hook through that loop that is across the front of the hdc you just made and pull a loop through. Then put your hook into the next stitch like you normally would, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through the last two loops.

On the next L1 you will see that you now have a single crossbar on the L1 you just made - you pull up your single drawn loop through that cross bar. When you are dropping back down to a linked half double crochet (Lhdc) you do the pulling up of loops exactly as you would for a L1 but instead of pulling through two loops twice, you just yo and pull through all three loops.


After a lot of consideration, I have decided to add this pattern as a free download since I am no longer selling any patterns online and it has come to my attention that not only have I been getting requests for the pattern (which I expected that I would) but those who bought it previously have been contacted and asked for a copy, which puts them in an uncomfortable position due to the copyright still being held by myself. So…

Have fun! But please, respect my copyright and don’t try to sell this pattern as your own. I offer it free for all to enjoy - make as many finished objects from it as you like, sell as many finished objects as you like, donate as many finished objects as you like.