Rectangle Knit in the Round Shawl Shape by Holly Chayes

Rectangle Knit in the Round Shawl Shape

April 2013
Any gauge - designed for any gauge ?

The Rectangle Knit in the Round shawl shape is one of the shawl shape recipes in Shawl Geometry Book Three.

This third book in the Shawl Geometry series focuses primarily on the theory and principles of shaping knitted shawls transforming shawl shaping formulas, but also has advanced shawl shaping recipes.

More about Shawl Geometry Book Three:
Starting from scratch every time you want to cast on a new shawl sucks.

But what if you had an easy to browse resource of shawl shapes?

A reference book of shawl shaping that laid out all the numbers, and all the calculations. Like a stitch dictionary, but for shapes instead of stitch patterns.

That’s what the Shawl Geometry Books are.

Shawl Geometry Book Three covers enough shawl shaping and transforming principles for a lifetime or two.

This book contains thorough explanation of the principles behind shaping knitted shawls including:

  • what shaping variables change a shawl shape,
  • all about distributing shaping,
  • the rule of thumb for shaping shawls knit in the round,
  • guidelines for shaping shawls worked in rows,
  • how to shape curves, corners and straight edges,
  • how to use blocking to help shape your shawl
  • and clear illustrations of transforming shawl shapes by manipulating the principles behind shaping knitted shawls.

Plus a handful of advanced shawl shape recipes, and a bonus section on shaping shawls using short rows.

For more information about Shawl Geometry Book Three, and the other books in the series, see: