Saruki The Monkey by Sabrina Kan

Saruki The Monkey

March 2022
all 3 are used in this pattern
DK (11 wpi) ?
2.75 mm (C)
1.0 mm
37 cm Tall
Flag of English English
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Saruki The Monkey by @aoi_ladybug

Saruki loves reading, she is constantly reading, she doesn’t even stop, well it seems like she doesn’t. If the weather is nice, she likes to sit under a tree and read, and she may even take a nap too.

If Saruki is not reading, she enjoys going on little adventures, she loves to explore. Its worrying sometimes, as she gets too excited and loses her way, but good thing she doesn’t go alone, she goes with her best friends Cheeky and Oscar (the monkey, free pattern also available on my Ravelry store).

Saruki loves the rain, when it starts raining, she’ll put on her willies and raincoat and out she goes. She’ll jump in every puddle she sees, splish! Splash! Splosh! By the end, she is soaking wet and covered in mud, but that still puts a smile on her face.

Saruki’s favourite season is Autumn, she loves throwing all the different coloured autumn leaves in the air, so she can watch them fall to the ground. She enjoys seeing them fall to the ground, as she loves seeing the pretty colours fall to the ground. She has a collection of her favourite leaves in a book.

Saruki is always happy, she has so many things she loves to do, and just enjoys life. With so many things she enjoys doing, of course there is never a dull moment.

Skill Level: Easy-Intermediate

Saruki is 37 cm tall. She is a tad smaller than Oscar, even though the pattern for the Whole body is the same as Oscar. I do think it is due to using a different brand of yarn, as for the feet, hands and face, I used Sirdar Calico, for the rest of the pattern I used Sheepjes brand. The parts that I had used Sirdar Calico appeared slightly smaller in comparison to Oscars parts, it is not really an issue, but I thought I will mention it here, so if it does come across a little strange on why Oscar is slightly taller, you know why.
If you choose to use the same yarn or any DK yarn and same hook size, you should have the same measurements as mine, although it may differ slightly due to the tension of your stitches. So work your stitches tight.


  • 2.75mm and 1.00mm hook
  • Sheepjes Softfun 50g (140 metres) DK Yarn: 1x (Cantaloupe) 2652, 1x (Rose) 2514 (probably half the ball or not even that), 1x 2609 (probably half the ball or not even that), 1x (Capri) 2647 or 2607 (either 1 of these for the dress), 1x (Bumblebee) 2634 (not much is needed for the edge of the dress and bow, so you can use whatever little bits of yarn that is a similar colour, so you’re not having to buy another ball of yarn) Sheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat 25g (140 metres) lace weight yarn: 1x 403 (little is needed, you can use any lace weight yarn you have) Sirdar Calico 50g (158 metres): 1x 0724

You can use any DK yarn and any preferred colour. Most of the yarn suggested doesn’t take a full ball, so you could use what you have available, and you’re not having to buy new balls of yarn. Its entirely up to you, the colours I have chosen are nice, so if you do buy them you can use it for other projects.

  • Dark brown thread, and pale pink/pink thread.
  • 10mm safety eyes
  • Toy stuffing
  • Embroidery and tapestry needle
  • Stitch marker or I use a piece of yarn cut from previous projects, usually DK cotton blend, I separate the strands and use 1 strand as a stitch marker. Be careful as there are times I have pulled it out of place, just hold it in place while stitching the first few sts
  • Sewing pins (bead heads, so they don’t get lost in your work)
  • Scissors

Abbreviations (US as it is what I am used to)

R- Round
mr- magic ring
sc- single crochet
hdc- half double crochet
dc- double crochet
- Repeat until end of round
dec- decrease (I use an invisible decrease)
Insert your hook into the FLO of the next st, do not pull yarn through and insert the hook into the FLO of the next st. Pull working yarn through both front loops, and finish as you would with a sc.
st/sts- stitch/stiches
ch - chain
sl st- slip stitch
FLO- front loops only
BLO- back loops only
fl- front loop
bml- bottom loop
(…)- total of stitches at the end of each round
CT…- change to…

This pattern has a total of 25 pages, it consists of written instructions in US crochet terminology, images and drawings.

This pattern is for personal use only. Please do not sell my pattern or change it in any way and make it your own, but you can sell the finished product from this pattern. I have taken the time to put this pattern together, making sure it is clear and understandable and adding many images too. I chose to make this a free pattern as it is pretty much the same as my Oscar pattern, but with a little more. With that said, here is my pattern and I hope you respect my wishes, thank you.

I would love to see your work of Saruki or your very own monkey, so please share with me whether it’s by email:, DM on Instagram, or a post on Instagram. If you do post your work on Instagram, please add “pattern by @aoi_ladybug” and add #aoiladybug, thank you.

If you have any questions regarding my pattern whether it is feedback or you have any problems with understanding anything, do not hesitate to send me a message on Instagram or by email. I will gladly help any way I can.