Sinilga by Alla Borisova


September 2017
Cobweb ?
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
2.0 mm
1837 - 1859 yards (1680 - 1700 m)
80 x 190 cm
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Sinilga is the Evenk feminine name. In Tungus language, Sinilga means ‘snow’, something very delicate, clean and beautiful.
A girl was born in a Tungus family many moons ago. As the legend goes, when she was born her father came out of their rawhide tent and saw the
snow falling softly from the sky over the ground. And the girl was given a wonderful and mysterious name Sinilga. When the daughter grew up, she
became a shaman. At the same time she was a woman of rare beauty and intelligence. Men followed her into the forest leaving their families and
never came back. She died young but her spirit still lives in the forests.

Sinilga is a half circle shawl knitted top down.
Yarn: The sample has been knitted with Midara Haapsalu Yarn (100% wool; 1400 m / 100 g), with 2 strands of yarn held together.
Yarn consumption: approx. 120 grams.
Yardage: approx. 1680-1700 m/120-130 grams.

1 The shawl is worked from the top down, has a semi-circular shape.
2 Available sizes: one size.
3 The charts show only the right side (RS) rows.
Only charts.

Skill level: medium

Techniques used: knit and purl, yarn over, k2tog, ssk, psso, k3tog (with central stitch on top) and others.
The finished size of the shawl will depend on the yarn weight, needle size and your individual gauge.

Be advised that it will assist you if you print in color.
Reading the Chart Instructions before starting the shawl is advised.

Thank you very much mariposanegra and ekatja for the translation to English and help.
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