Smitten Spotspot Valentine's Heart by Whodunnknit

Smitten Spotspot Valentine's Heart

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The Smitten Softspot was part of my contribution to Knit the City’s Hubbub of Hearts, which waltzed its woolly way into London’s very busy Piccadilly Circus.

The plan was to yarnstorm the iconic fountain, smack bang in the middle of the ‘circus’ and attempt one of our craziest yarnstorming feats so far - hooking a string of hearts onto the ‘Eros’ statue’s bow 7 metres (22 feet) above the ground.

You can see pictures of it swaying in the London breeze in the Knit the City book.

We did it too…

Luckily you don’t have to go to such great heights. Though if you do I’d love to see the results!

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