Smoliv Amigurumi by Finn Oliver

Smoliv Amigurumi

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

Even though I have no plans to get Scarlet/Violet, Smoliv captivated my heart from the second I saw it in trailers. It’s only right that I make a crochet pattern for it! Although this Smoliv (thankfully!) doesn’t produce oil, I recommend adding some aroma beads to the olive on its head for a (hopefully much nicer) surprise. Get creative with the colors - maybe make a Smueberry, or a Smerry, or a Smorange - and throw in some accessories for fun. With our beloved Smoliv, the possibilities are endless!

This Smoliv is made up of mostly simple shapes, but my recommended hook size means that making this little guy can be a real pain in the fingers. You can use a larger hook, but I recommend as small a hook as possible in order to keep your stitches tight and the finished result rigid - this will make everything, particularly the olive, much easier to shape. My Smoliv came up to about 4.5in tall and 2.5in wide, but depending on what yarn and hook size you use, yours could end up a bit bigger or smaller.