Tater Chip by Suzie Briddsang

Tater Chip

This pattern is available for free.

A can’t-go-wrong, garter stitch triangular scarf. You can make Tater Chip out of any yarn, on any size needles, and to any dimension you like. It’s a perfect project for beginning knitters, as it introduces increases and simple shaping while allowing for garter stitch practice.

For more advanced knitters, Tater Chip is a great go-to project for situations when you really can’t pay attention to what your hands are doing - stitch group meetup, movie watching, mindless de-stress knitting. It’s a perfect little something to wear, made from that AMAZING skein of yarn you just had to buy. Enhance with tassels, add a stitch pattern, make some icord and attach in a spiral or Celtic knot. So many ways to create something unique!

Makes a wide and shallow triangle.