Uneven Ribbing by Charlene Schurch

Uneven Ribbing

Pattern Summary: Instructions include variations for use with 4 or 5 DPN’s, or two circular needles. Complete instructions are included for both top down and toe-up.

Pattern Section: This pattern is in the ‘Four-stitch Patterns’ section since the cuff pattern has a four stitch repeat.
“the four-stitch patterns more closely related to K1, P1 than K2, P2. Some of the patterns have the main design comsuming three stitches separated by a lone purl…”

Notes on gauge:
As with all of the patterns in this book, with the aid of an included chart the pattern can be adjusted to your gauge, and desired finished measurements.<

Heel and Toe variations:
The pattern includes explicit instructions for both a “Heel Flap” style heel in either ‘Eye-of-partridge with 3 stitch garter edge“ or “stockinette stitch with 3 stitch garter edge.” The knitter is also referred to instructions for a “short-row heel” in the toe-up section of the pattern.

Related Patterns:
The following have the same number of stitch repeats and thus the same sock construction:

Sock Pattern pg 11, stitch pattern pg 87.