Walking With Emma by Jenjoyce Design

Walking With Emma

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Walking With Emma is a collection of eight socks in classic cables & ribs. If knit with a rustic wool they are the quintessence of country socks, and so befitting of wandering in the rural spaces, as I have with my dog Emma! And if made with fine to very-fine yarn, these socks can be as elegant as any occasion could ask for. Four classic cables in a progression of 1/1, 2/1, and two variations of 2/2 cable cross, as well as four plain ribbed variations, making eight ways to knit a sock! Six sizes to fit men, women, teens & kids. Knit cuff to toe, with suggestions for classic sock contrasts. Pattern includes a gauge substitution chart so that you can use several weights of your favorite yarns, from rustic hand-spun to fine fingering, and even lace weight!
Classic heel & toe, and for the sock experienced, this pattern should be easy to switch out for your favorite heel or toe style.

Photo examples of cables & plain rib:
Chart A with cables
Chart A plain rib
Chart B cables
Chart B plain rib
Chart C cables
Chart C plain rib
Chart D cables
Chart D plain rib

Example of rib/cable patterning only through gusset HERE

Great tutorial video for 1/1 cable cross without cable needle HERE.

About this pattern blogged HERE

Pattern Updated July 10, 2019

I invite Any & All who are knitting Walking With Emma Socks to bring questions, comments, great tutorial links, and otherwise general related chattiness to my Jenjoyce Group which exists just for knitters of Jenjoyce’s patterns. Look for the thread for Walking With Emma. The kettle is on… see you there !