Wrap for Hannah by Hilda Steyn

Wrap for Hannah

Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

This pattern is not protected by copyright; you may share the patterns any way you wish.

This wrap consists of three large squares, each made individually and shoe-laced together at the end with a satin ribbon. The pattern is based on the log cabin square - it is all about colour and texture!

If you don’t have access to the South African yarns I have used, you could use any yarn you like; it is easy to adjust the size of the wrap. Because of this, I did not give a specific gauge. This could be that stash-buster project you have been waiting for!

This is a no-border wrap! I love it! No border! Whoop-whoop!

I have made a big effort to give you an error-free pattern, still, there is always the possibility that something slipped through. If you find an error in the pattern, kindly email me so that I correct it.