Yarn Quest 2017 - Heroes of Yarnia RPG MKAL by Tania Richter

Yarn Quest 2017 - Heroes of Yarnia RPG MKAL

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To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Epic Knits, we’re bringing your a brand new MKAL in a format never before seen - a Knitting RPG! The campaign will play out over 8 weeks, and we’ll be knitting a very special mix and match scarf. What charts you knit will be determined through random numbers rolled either by dice or through a random number generator. Never played in an RPG before? No problem! There will be plenty of instructions to walk you through your adventure. We’ll also be hosting a forum thread in the Epic Knits group to chat about our adventures.

Special notes
Before we get into the nitty gritty- This pattern can be knit in either double knitting or stranded colorwork in the round (or flat, if you prefer), instructions for both are included. No prior experience in tabletop RPGs is required, and if you prefer a static pattern there will be pre-made templates made that don’t require you to do the RPG part.

What is a Knitting RPG (KRPG)?
A Knitting Role Playing Game!
The way this works is that I shall act as the Dungeon Master (Game Master) for a custom game of Yarn Quest - Heroes of Yarnia. The welcome letter comes with a couple of extra documents for determining your stats and the stats of your Feline companion. Starting January 1st I will release instructions for determining what charts to knit on your scarf. These charts will be randomized by each person using a set of character stats. There are several dozen charts, so everyone’s scarf will be unique!

Character Sheets
Included in the welcome letter you will find a set of character sheets and instructions for how to set up your character. Illustrated instructions for how to roll your character will be included in the official Epic Knits MKAL thread on 12-23 (Friday afternoon).

Dates of Note
22 December 2016 - Pattern live with introduction, character sheet, and instructions for filling out character sheet.
1 January 2017 - Clue 1
8 January 2017 - Clue 2
15 January 2017- Clue 3
22 January 2017 - Clue 4
29 January 2017 - Clue 5
5 February 2017 - Clue 6
12 February 2017 - Clue 7
19 February 2017 - Clue 8

For either Double Knit or Colorwork in the Round -
800 yards of Main Color and 800 yards of Contrasting Color (1600 yards total)
Stitch markers
16” US 2 - 2.75 mm needles - or size needed to obtain gauge
Tapestry needle

Special Equipment
If you don’t have a set already, I highly recommend getting a set of 7 D20 gaming dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20). They can be found at your local game store (Games by James, etc) or through Amazon - Make sure you pick a set like this one~ (with the 7 different dice, pick whatever colors you like best!).
If you don’t want to pick up a set of dice, sites like Random.org or random number generators will also work. There’s probably an app out there for dice rolls, because there’s usually apps for everything.

Prize Drawing
At the end of the MKAL there will be a prize thread posted for finished projects. All participants who post a picture of their finished piece will be entered into a prize drawing for a $10 gift card to my Ravelry store. Additional prizes may be added based on number of participants

Final Info
This is an intermediate level project, previous experience with chart reading is recommended.

Please avoid posting spoilers in the form of progress photos as the first photo on your project page :3