2022 Columbia/Silk

Finished yarn
277 grams, 857 yards: Columbia Silk Blend

After using the last skeins in the Garter Squish blanket, I’m now hoping to finish off this Columbia fleece, too. It is really soft but pretty short in some places and has a fair amount of VM. So is isn’t so fun to pick, but it does card up nicely.

I decided not to add in any of the colorful silk noil or mohair that I had. But I searched for (and found) my bump of tussah silk and mixed that in. I wanted a 50/50 blend, but I couldn’t get that much silk into the mix in just three passes through the drum carder. So I’m not sure what the mix is, but I’d guess it is at least 20%.

Started spinning last night and it is nice. blush I’m getting a pretty thin singles so I may do a 3-ply. We’ll see. And then I think I will dye the skeins. We’ll see.


4 skeins total:
125 grams and 370 yards
67 grams and 234 yards
71 grams and 210 yards
14 grams and 43 yards

The yarn looks to be about sport weight.

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June 5, 2022
July 20, 2022
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