Corriedale x Border Leicester Fleece 2023 and 2024

Finished yarn
296 grams, 600 yards: Corrie x BL

Carding the Corrie BL fleece:

Used 218 g (7.7 oz) from the original 1038 g (36.6 oz).

First batch: After flicking locks and then carding all in one direction (two passes) I have 177 g (6.25 oz). Loss is ~19% using this method. But I really like the batts I get using this method for carding longer wools.

I’ve also done some combed roving which comes out a little thin and some roving pulled from the carded batts made above. About 5 oz of roving.


Carded one batch that had only had one pass through the carder so now that batch is finished. I plan to spin this for rug yarn to be dyed for a rug for the trailer kitchen.


I spun the carded batts and also the box of rovings that I had created from combing and also from pulling roving off the drum carder.
The batts were much harder to spin but I got a yarn thickness that I like better for rug wool. The rovings were a little thin for spinning into the weight I wanted. But they spun really nicely with none of the tangled feeling that the batts had. Even though I had flicked and then fed them into the carder and then carded a second time, there were many tangles from the long fibers.
Final result:
From batts: 153 g, 5.4 oz and about 283 yards
From roving: 143 g 5.1 oz and about 317 yards
Total spin: 296 g, 10.5 oz and about 600 yards.
The rest of this fleece was waste and a little got used as mulch under the lilac. I’m done!

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